Oldest daughter of nine siblings, divided with her parents the responsibility of taking care of the family, household and plantation. Being only fourteen years old and attending sixth grade, she changed her life projects completely. As soon as she got pregnant, stopped her studies and took the responsibility of her son and new home. And, in spite of premature changes, she and her husband, Rubens, gave new directions to the couple’s story.

With the birth of two children, Ana Maria started to take care of children and household chores, and Rubens worked out of home to guarantee family support. After a decade, Ana saw the need of resuming her studies. Her children grew up and brought activities home from school, but she could not help them due to her low schooling.

For five years she went through middle and high school at the same school as her children and right after she realized that as well as helping her children she could also go to a technical school and invest in some productive activity. Then, she felt the need to undertake business because she found out that gathering practice, knowledge and willpower could bring her good results.

Along with the job search, Ana got into the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program of Adel and identified many opportunities in the community where she lives. In the program, she decided to create a business project in which she could beneficiate the members of her community. Realizing that the families from Livramento had difficulty to access trading establishments, Ana and her husband created “Bodega da Aninha”.

“I was born and raised in this community, since I was little I saw the difficulties of access. Many times my mother had to walk from four to six kilometers only to buy a kilo of sugar and that was very tiring. In spite of all, I have always had courage and optimism for better days, it was then I had this great opportunity to help my community, open a business that as well as it would bring profitability to my family, it would make the lives of people I care easier”.

With the financial support of Adel, through Fund Veredas, the couple opened a grocery store in one of the rooms of the house in June 2015. In the first month working, they had more than 80% profits according to the investments applied. And after eight months of existence of the business, Ana affirms that she could improve her family’s income to the point of acquiring other goods besides food, like a cell phone for her son.

Ana dreams of creating other necessary services in the community and with the help of other young people she is revitalizing the works of the community association.