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Adel Announces Youth Projects focused on Agenda 2030 and opens popular vote

Adel announced, Today, the seven (7) initiatives developed by the beneficiaries of the Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists Project, held in Parazinho and São Miguel do Gostoso, both municipalities of Rio Grande do Norte, in partnership with Elera Renováveis. The projects developed by local youth prioritize the Agenda 2030 – the Sustainable Development Goals […]

PJER youth participate in the Motirô Incubation for Social Impact Business

  Three young entrepreneurs who are members of the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER) by Adel: Sabrina Santos, 26, Vila Bezerra community, St. Louis of Curu/EC; Jessica Range, 27, Community Nucleus A Serrota, Pentecost/EC; e, Rayssa Duarte, 30, Boca da Picada community, São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE, were selected to participate in the Mutirô Incubation scheduled to close this week. […]

Adel hires Specialists in Dairy Cattle

The Local Economic Development Agency (Adel), that operates throughout the Northeast, invests in hiring new employees. We have two vacancies open for immediate hiring of professionals interested in acting in strengthening the production chain of dairy cattle, productivity and sustainable local development in the Territories of Sobral and Baixo […]

Adel resumes face-to-face activities of the PJER in RN

In early September, Adel resumed the face-to-face activities of the Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists Project. The initiative, which is part of the scope of action of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), would be executed in the State High Schools Senator Jessé Pinto Freire, In Parazinho, and Olimpia Teixeira, In São Miguel do Gostoso, […]

Adel hires Administrative Assistant

Adel works to promote the sustainable development of rural territories through entrepreneurship and youth protagonism, farmers and farmers. Professional search with an interest in personal development and affinity with the values and mission of the organization. The contracted person will perform a support function in the day-to-day administration of the […]

Adel and Echoenergia hold workshop on Social Protagonism and Entrepreneurship with young people in Pernambuco

In the last month, Adel in partnership with Echoenergia, held the Workshop On Social Protagonism and Entrepreneurship, which had the participation of 38 young people from grota communities, Grotto, Juremal and Pontais, in Venturosa/PE. The workshop is part of the Echosocial: Winds Transforming, Echoenergia's initiative, carried out with the support of BNDES and executed by the […]

LGBTQIA+ Youth Complete Entrepreneurship Course

The Adel (Local Economic Development Agency) held last Tuesday, day 10, the closing event of the formative stage of the Project "Diversity and Rural Development: LGBTQ+ Youth Protagonists in the Semiarid of Ceará", supported by Itaú and More Diversity. The event marks the completion of the Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism Course, including the delivery of certificates […]