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Strengthening the quilombola culture and female empowerment in Paraíba

Adel and Neoenergia, with the support of the Neoenergia Institute, carry out from 2019, through the SER - Health Program, Education and Income, various actions to strengthen quilombola culture and women's empowerment in the Cruz da Menina community, located in the municipality of Dona Inês, in Paraíba. The activities of the SER Program in the community are based on […]

Cooperation between rural women generates income through handicrafts in Rio Grande do Norte

Our operations in Rio Grande do Norte have contributed directly to the income generation of dozens of families in the interior of. Since 2020, we carry out several actions of the EDP Renewable Rural Program and the Social Communication Program implemented by EDP Renováveis, in the municipalities of Taurus, Cerro Corá and São Tomé. The activities of the Program […]

Stone tanks supply communities in the pernambuco sertão

Through the actions focused on Water Safety of the Echosocial Wind That Transform Program, echoenergia (Equatorial Energy Group), we've implemented 5 tanks on stone slabs in quitonga communities, Laguinha, New Year, Exu and Red, in the municipality of Caetés/PE. In all, 120 families benefit from. Each tank installed can store up to 30 thousand liters of water […]

World Water Day

We have reached another World Water Day and, This 22 March 2011 2022, the debate is increasingly urgent about this indispensable resource for life on earth. This year, the UN (United Nations) highlights the importance of groundwater: how to make visible the invisible? According to the organization, it is estimated that […]

Promoting entrepreneurship and youth protagonism in the Northeast

This year, in partnership with Neoenergia, let's start the Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism Course, with sixty (60) young people from the municipalities of São José do Sabugi and Santa Luzia in the state of Paraíba; e, of the municipalities of Lagoa Nova and Bodó, in Rio Grande do Norte. The Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism Course is one of the […]

We are hiring Consultants(the) to work on our training projects

We start today, 14/03, the process of contracting services for the execution of technical and managerial training activities with emphasis on entrepreneurship and social protagonism of rural youth, as well as support in the improvement of pedagogical instruments, preparation of technical reports and service to the benefited public. In addition to performing the operational functions of training with young people, […]

We started another group of the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER) in São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE

This week we celebrate International Women's Day, we started the face-to-face activities of the new class of our Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), with young people from the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE, e, support of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA). This class, in particular, is made up mostly of women who […]