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Milk producers participate in short courses in Limoeiro do Norte

Realize, in the days 17 e 18 of February, the mini course Production of Bulky, Pasture Management and Strategic Food Reserve, an action of the Milk Production Chain Structuring Project, the result of our partnership with Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB). We also count on the collaboration of ifce (Federal Institute of Education, Science and […]

Selected for the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER)

We announce the list of young people selected for the new class of our Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), with exclusive focus on the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE. More than 50 people from 14 local communities, aged 18 e 32 years, participated in the selection. The selection process consisted of two steps: filling out the […]

Solar energy changes reality of rural families

In the last year, we have expanded our operations in Rio Grande do Norte, including three more municipalities in the state of: Slabs, Cerro Corá and São Tomé. Fruit of our partnership with EDP Renováveis, we carry out implementation and management services of the EDP Renováveis Rural Program and the Social Communication Program of The Aventura II to V Wind Complexes […]

Adel Program Director represents the Northeast as an ambassador for the LGBT+ Pride Edict

Our Co-Founder and Program Director, Aurigele Alves, is another of the Ambassadors of the fourth LGBT+Pride Edict, initiative carried out by the Mais Diversidade Institute and Itaú Unibanco, with the purpose of stimulating the transforming power of the LGBT+ community. She will represent Ceará and the entire Northeast region as a mentor for potential proponents to have […]

Adel carries out media actions and strengthens the conservation of poultry in the country

About a year ago, we started our media actions with SAVE Brasil (Society for the Conservation of Birds of Brazil) through the Flyways Brazil Project, supported by the Neoenergy Institute in the municipalities of Macao, Guamaré and Galinhos, in Rio Grande do Norte. The Flyways Brazil Project seeks to contribute to the conservation of wild birds […]

Adel and BNB train dairy farmers in Ceará

Since October of this year, we resume the face-to-face activities of the Milk Production Chain Structuring Project, carried out in partnership with Banco do Nordeste. The Project comprises a set of training actions, technical and managerial advice and dissemination of technologies to promote the structuring of the production chain of dairy cattle in rural areas […]

Live on Diversity closes EaD course with LGBTQIAP+ youth

Next Monday, 20/12, at 3:00 pm, we will finalize another formative stage of the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER) with a focus on promoting diversity with LGBTQIAP+ Diversity and Opportunities. The broadcast will take place on our Youtube channel (HTTPS://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WS6ektjDPk). About twenty-five (25) young people have completed the Introduction to Protagonism and […]

Young PJER integrates international campaign wwf Brazil

At a time when hunger was once again present in the day-to-day life of many Brazilians, show the paths of the seed to the dish, becomes necessary and urgent. Maintain ing a healthy relationship with food, that respects nature, where we can get to know all the processes, makes us able to value more the cultivation of […]