Cattle growers benefit from Reference Units to strengthen the production chain in Ceará

In the days 26 e 28 April 2022 we held the inauguration events of two Dairy Cattle Reference Units in two territories of Ceará (Middle and Low Jaguaribe and sobral region), an action of the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain that we carry out in partnership with the Bank of the northeast of Brazil (BNB), through the Territorial Development Program (PRODETER, New). The meeting also marked the end of the.

The first opening event took place in the Dairy Cattle Reference Unit, located at Sítio São Bento, In São João do Jaguaribe, Ceará. The inauguration of the second unit took place in the Tanks Settlement, in the municipality of Santana do Acaraú, sobral metropolitan area.

We have more than 100 participants on both occasions. In addition to our team, representatives of BNB were, of local associations and secretariats and cattle growers (the) of the nine municipalities served of both territories. We present to the participants, during both occasions, the path trodden in the implementation of the Milk Production Chain Structuring Project in the rural territories of Sobral and Low and Middle Jaguaribe. We also share the main results achieved during the implementation of the.

One of the last actions carried out were short courses on crucial topics for the development of this production chain. Having great emphasis on the mini course Production of Bulky, Pasture Management and Strategic Food Reserve, that in addition to our partnership with BNB, was co-counted as the IFCE (Federal Institute of Education, Science and technology of Ceará) and UFC (Federal University of Ceará), through the Forage Teaching and Studies Center (Neef) of the Center for Agrarian Sciences (CCA).

To Adriano Ferreira, 37, milk producer benefited by the Project in miraíma municipality (THIS), the initiative made it possible to access to new knowledge and technologies. "This Adel and BNB project has eated up with, training and exchanges that have come to improve our development, focused on dairy cattle. We also had access to new technologies, Tools, as the ensiator, that will help us even more in our productions", states the also farmer.

"I very much like to congratulate and thank Adel for this partnership with Banco do Nordeste, specifically in the first two territories of PRODETER here in Ceará. Adel has arrived to add up for her work, commitment and availability to the producers of the field", says Jeania Gomez, BNB State Executive Manager.

Jeania Gomez, BNB State Executive Manager, standing during his speech.

About the project

The Project included a number of actions to Training, technical advice, management and dissemination of technologies and social solutions, Environmental, technically and economically viable to promote the structuring of the milk production chain in the rural territories of Sobral and Baixo and Médio Jaguaribe.

The initiative, that started in 2019, followed with training this year. It enabled increased productivity and profitability in the activity of dairy cattle. They were almost 50 benefited communities, of 9 municipalities of the two territories. We end the action with 157 Elaborate Business Plans, 38 short courses held and more than 500 hours of technical advice.

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