Campaign highlights Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030

Last Thursday, 2/12, we launched the "Changes to transform the future" campaign, aimed at strengthening 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the SDDs, that guide nations to the fulfillment of public policies, towards sustainability, the eradication of hunger and the problems that undermine the growth of. The project will also focus on, generally speaking, In Agenda 2030, that this is an action plan for people, the planet and prosperity.

The proposal is take to the public, information on the SDDs, highlighting its importance and how individual and collective initiatives can collaborate to achieve the goals set to ensure the survival of the land. The entire programming of this campaign cycle takes place online, on our social networks, and ends with the seminar "Contextualized Education and Sustainable Development Goals", on the day 16 of December, at 16h, on our channel of the Youtube. The Seminar is free and registration is available at this link: HTTPS://

The main lecture of the event – "How can contextualized education contribute to the reach of the 2030 and ODS?" will be mediated by the CEO of Impacta Nordeste, Marcello Saint. The other participants who will talk about the theme are: Gláucio Gomes, our Director of Development; Milena Murta, Social Responsibility Manager at Elera Renováveis; e, Vanessa Kalianne, Internationalist and National Coordinator of the International Network of SO-Based Promoters in Brazil.

"In this context that we are still living, pandemic, this debate becomes urgent, as the problems have worsened. We need to improve people's living conditions by 2030, especially those facing hunger. We have succeeded in, as a civil society organization, fulfill some of these Objectives, through our projects and our strategies for working, but each can do their part. Disseminating the information was another way we found to strengthen this struggle"., explains our Program Director, Aurigele Alves.

The campaign and the seminar

At this stage of the Campaign "Changes to transform the future" we're going to produce content and promote debates (Lives, Webinars, lectures in schools) about each SDD related to the Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists in Schools project, carried out with the support of the Elera Renewables, with basic education institutions in Rio Grande do Norte. The proposal is to present to the public, how this initiative aims to contribute to transforming the school into an effectively plural space, by allowing the expression of differences and giving everyone the opportunity to know the SDS and the 2030, with a specific focus on the following: Ods 4 - Quality education; Ods 2 – Zero hunger and sustainable agriculture; Ods 6 – Drinking water and sanitation; Ods 10 – Reducing inequalities; e, Ods 1 – Poverty eradication.

The Seminar "Contextualized Education and Sustainable Development Goals" has the support of Elera Renováveis and the 16th Regional Directorate of Education and Culture (DIREC) In João Câmara/RN. The aim is to discuss the role of the school in promoting sustainable development, understanding the importance of the protagonism of adolescents and young people, their potential to be future entrepreneurs, (business or social) and the crucial role of teachers in being leaders in the formation and intellectual preparation of these for the promotion of.

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