Completed Course of Multipliers in Agroecology

In may, has completed the course of Multipliers in Agroecology in the Middle Curu, that has resulted in the formation of 27 participants (farmers and agricultural technicians) and the reactivation of community garden in the community of Irapuá, distant 20 kilometers from the seat of the municipality.

In Irapuá had a disabled garden project, with the completion of the course, the multipliers decided to organize the garden using ecological management. Through joint effort with some farmers in the community, was raised about, cleared the land and built the garden beds, being accompanied by multipliers, who live in the community and by the Local economic development agency (ADEL).

The course which began in November 2008 brought to farmers the importance of Agroecology as well as, an alert for the care of his own life and the environment. Some farmers are already aware about the damage caused by the use of pesticides and abandoned this practice.

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