Cooperation between rural women generates income through handicrafts in Rio Grande do Norte

Our operations in Rio Grande do Norte have contributed directly to the income generation dozens of families from the interior of. Since 2020, we carry out several actions of the EDP Renewable Rural Program and the Social Communication Program implemented by the Edp Renováveis, in the municipalities of Taurus, Cerro Corá and São Tomé.

The activities of the EDP Renováveis Rural Program include the technical and managerial training of families for the implementation of, operation and management of solutions for coexistence with the Semi-arid. Participate in the Program 124 families (492 People), of 6 communities, in the municipality of Bulls (RN). In the Chico Mendes II community, a group of women has stood out. Led by artisan Mary of Birth, known as D. Nena, 64, who started the group a few years ago when he came to live in the community, they make passion for embroidery a source of occupation and income.

"Before coming to this community I already worked with embroidery, I did and my husband sold. I shared my experience with the other women here and went sharing my knowledge. I saw that here women had no other activity but agriculture. Then I began to encourage them to seek other occupations. We started embroider, make crafts together, like the macramê, vagonite and the cross stitch", claims D. Nena.

D. Nena standing accompanying the group of women.

The artisan reveals that there were many difficulties faced. Starting an activity on your own requires great challenges. Gradually, the group was being supported by private companies, which provided courses in the community to strengthen local crafts. But the residents' adhering was still small. After a break in activities due to the lack of, the group returned to active duty with the donation of new equipment made through the EDP Program. "Embroidery is a source of income for women in the community. It was a very big incentive we have received these equipment and materials. Here we do not have a leisure area, don't have a square, so this job helps us to have an extra income and occupation for the group, because we embroider and have fun here"., emphasizes D. Nena.

The protagonism of D. Nena was essential, she opened the doors of home for the group and organized a space in the garage to receive them. With tables, Chairs, Machines, fabrics and needles, d particular space. Nena gained color and joy. "I really like to welcome them into my house, it's always fun, we talk a lot, but i hope in the future to have a bigger space for the group and to expose our products, type a structured sea. The program has collaborated with everything we have here, such as fabric parts, Towels, line tubes, sewing machine that's a wealth for the group, that we didn't have. We couldn't have all this., so it's just gratitude for the opportunity we've received these materials.", says.

With the incentive, new women have been creating interest in craft, gradually the group grew and generated results. Entitled Artisans Flowers of the Field, the work already has a profile on Instagram (@artfloresdocampo), where the work developed is shared. Beyond Instagram, the group sells the pieces locally and participates in exhibitions at fairs in the region.

"The actions of the EDP Renováveis Rural Program enable the consolidation of handicrafts as an economic activity with a strong impact on the development of the Chico Mendes II community. Nineteen (19) women work collectively with artisanal production in lines and fabrics. Materials and production materials and production insums were purchased and given, as well as conducting courses, workshops and technical advice", strengthens Wagner Gomes, our New Business Director.

Second Maria Patricia, 35, one of the members of the group, the incentive came at a good time. For the young, D. Nena is an inspiration. "She started and invited us, we spent a period learning, but we stopped by the lack of material and equipment. Then came this donation and we resumed with joy all again, is a source of income and a relief to get out more of home. We're excited to put forward, i didn't know embroider at the beginning and today with help of d. Nena and these companies are already teaching other women in the community to learn how to embroider. D. Nena is a person who has a lot of willpower to help and teach us, is an inspiration", Celebrates.

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