World Water Day

We've come to another World Water Day e, This 22 March 2011 2022, the debate is increasingly urgent about this indispensable resource for life on earth. This year, the UN (United Nations) highlights the importance of groundwater: how to make visible the invisible? According to the organization, it is estimated that 97% of fresh water in the world is underground.

Here in Brazil, we own the largest aquifers in the world, the Amazon and guarani. The first has 162,5 thousand cubic kilometers of stored water and the second, 37 thousand cubic kilometers of water. But all this abundance needs good management, that will contribute to achieving the majority of Sustainable Development Goals (Ods) Of Agenda 2030, including the Ods 6 Clean water and sanitation.

With a distribution marked by inequality and scarcity, we have seen an increasing disorder from the effects of climate crisis. In the last years, Brazil has experienced droughts and historical floods. Other human actions such as burned, deforestation and the use of pesticides also negativeimpact on the supply of these natural reservoirs. Groundwater is at risk of being polluted and, Consequently, will contaminate rivers and artesian wells.

Added to that, Brazilians need to worry about the Bill (PL) 4.546/2021, establishing the National Water Infrastructure Policy and is being called New Water Milestone. A real setback to the Law 9.433 of 1997, known as the Brazilian Water Law. Proposals for change contained in the PL with the New Water Framework, threaten a principle of water as a public good.

On the other hand,, our organization has been trying to mitigate the challenges of the water crisis in the Brazilian semi-arid, through the implementation of various social technologies with a focus on water security. Only last year, were more than 10 deep wells deployed or revitalized, more of 130 plate cisterns Built, 126 Aqualuz devices, to potabilize the water, Installed. In addition to desalinators, community fountains, bareiros trenches, tanks on stone slabs, reservoirs and a photovoltaic solar system for pumping water.

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