"Our income and self-esteem improved because each earned more or less a minimum wage. Despite my absence from the other job, we're getting that income, up more, only with the fishmonger, although we have more expenses. We have plenty of reason now to believe in the success of the business.”.

Michel Barbosa Moreira, 28 years, known as Xexel, and Maria Aparecida Sousa, 25 years, work together in the Xexel shrimp venture, In Paracuru. The couple's decision to undertake together came after Michel joined Adel's Young Rural Entrepreneur Program.

Michel is the youngest son of three brothers and, Since I was a kid, He accompanied his father on the sale of fish. John Xavier, owner for more than thirty years of a box in the central market of Paracuru, account that raised all the children thanks to this business. But the family never saw the activity as a sustainable business.

Only Michel followed his father's office and strengthened the desire to one day open his own business on the spot. The two other brothers soon began working in other areas, and Michel, To 25 years, opened the fish monger Xexel shrimp in a box next to dad's. The young person's decision to work on his own was accompanied by the need to have his own family income.

However, he kept selling the fish without planning. Business administration and investments in marketing and communication were virtually non-existent. Michel also did not imagine that it was strategic the coming of his wife to assist in the management of the business.”I didn't see that it was possible for me and my wife to work together and have our own income”.

Aparecida Sousa worked as a cashier in a private development in the city and already had basic management basics. But, neither she nor nor the husband saw that, putting together your expertise, could increase fishmonger's and family income. In search of courses to specialize in the area of management, Aparecida learned of the program's entries and soon saw the possibility of Michel participating. "I immediately encouraged Michel to take part in the course in my place. Despite my interest, i saw that it was much better for him. I had the matter of free time, and i couldn't. So I talked about the program and that he needed that training, it was a good opportunity".

Although Michel learned a lot from his father about the activity, he tells that, several times, did not make the necessary profit to invest in the business. When he had the opportunity to take the Entrepreneurship and Business Management Course of the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program, the changes began to come.

During the course, Michel learned how to better manage his business and realized the importance of investing in communication and marketing. He planned and decided to invest in the image and dissemination of the enterprise. Created your own brand, produced pamphlets and made advertisements in newspapers, city radios and magazines to promote the products.

"Before I had no notion of the importance of marketing. It is very important, covers not only the local community, but also outside customers. I invested in several actions that give more visibility to my business, and today I know that all this is what brings more than half of my clientele. There are days when we receive more orders by phone than in the fishmonger's own. I'm even surprised sometimes."

In addition to expanding the, young rural entrepreneur Michel says the couple's relationship has improved. "Previously Aparecida worked as a cashier for eight hours a day, had no time for other activities. Sometimes, at the end of the day, we barely talked because of the weather and the tiredness. Now she helps me in the fishmonger, studies and has more free time to go out together".

The service in fishmongers, reception of customers and the organisation of products were also instrumental in increasing sales. With the guidelines of the, Michel came to understand the cash flow, the budget and cost management of his business.

"Best of all was my wife's approach to my business. She wasn't as interested as she is now. I believe that it was from the knowledge that I passed on to her when she came from the formation that we began to see together the opportunity we had at hand, and that only together we could develop it. "

Aparecida, that closely follows the spouse, says that Adel's initiative contributes to the formation of young people as an entrepreneur and. "The course has collaborated a lot in the changes of our family. Michel, in a way, is more considerate. I believe it's the reflective moments he so talked about that he had there that helped broaden his vision. Now we better manage our finances, I'm glad he participated in the program".

The fish monger Xexel do Camarão is located in a box in the central market in the headquarters of the municipality of Paracuru. In the enterprise, shrimps and seafood are sold, products with higher demand from local commerce and mainly tourists.

With financial support from the Veredas Fund, Adel's strategy to support young rural entrepreneurs, Michel restructured the fishmonger, diversified the products and bought more equipment. Customer service improved along with the couple's income and future prospects. "Our income and self-esteem improved because each earned more or less a minimum wage. Despite my absence from the other job, we're getting that income, up more, only with the fishmonger, although we have more expenses. We have plenty of reason now to believe in the success of the business.. Our union strengthened the enterprise and motivated our family to believe also, and that's very gratifying” highlights Aparecida, who plans to take the course soon.