Women's Entrepreneurship, Protagonism and Cooperation

Today, 19 from November, we celebrate the Women's Entrepreneurship Day, date created by the United Nations (UN), from a UN Women initiative, in order to support the female public against gender inequality in the labour market.

For us it is very important to highlight this date. We work daily with women who undertake, lead their businesses and are protagonists in their communities. In Brazil, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey 2020 (GEM), women entrepreneurs add up to more than 30 Million.

In the Arribão community, municipality of Taurus/RN, women are the protagonists of local change. There are times, the housewives wanted to somehow also work and generate an extra income to help with expenses. So, the group founded the Our Lady of Fatima Association in 2017. Before no fixed location, with much boldness and persistence began a collective production of homemade cakes, in the mother-in-law's kitchen Flaíze de Oliveira, leader of the Arribão Community Association. "The idea was to sell the products door to door in Arribão, in neighbouring towns and in a small trade in the community itself. We thought about this solution because it was something we all knew how to do"., Explains.

Flaíze de Oliveira, leader of the Arribão Community Association

Today, about nine women who make up the Association have a place to strengthen the group's performance in the community, the Community Centre. "For us it is the realization of a very old dream, we're not even believing. It is a great joy to have this space so that we can get together and carry out our activities. Our expectation is that it will further strengthen our group", celebrates Flaíze.

Community Center

The Community Centre, managed by the Association, was inaugurated last Thursday, 18 from November. Built by us, the action is part of the socio-environmental project developed by CPFL Renewable Energy in the municipality. The place is approximately 56m² and has a reception; meeting room, lectures and workshops; changing room; bathroom, with wheelchair access; pantry and kitchen, where cakes and warm cakes are produced. It was also built, in the external area, a cistern of plate of 7 thousand liters, to ensure a water reserve. In addition to all this infrastructure, women were trained and monitored for the development and consolidation of the.

"We did the whole price search process to select the construction company that would take over the jobs. We were ahead of the purchase of the material and followed all the work. We are still doing an advisory work with the community", explains our New Business Manager, Regma Queiroz. We were also responsible for performing the socio-environmental diagnosis in Arribão and, was precisely during the visits and meetings, that we identified in the women there this entrepreneurial profile and their engagement in actions that seek improvements for the community.

With the encouragement of CPFL Renewable, they succeeded in improve your knowledge and began to take courses in the neighboring municipality. Every day, a van was going to pick up the group, moving to João Câmara. The route was an hour and a half. Often, they needed to take their little children because they had no one to leave them with. "We thought about giving up a few times, because the results don't show up overnight. But, when one mentioned it, another already brought words of encouragement", reports Flaíze. In this way, they were able to complete three training courses.

With the delivery of the Community Center, the idea is expand activities and make meals (warm and "dish made"), because they have already realized that there is a demand. Besides that, are in negotiation with Conab, public company linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, to market these products in a large network of schools, hospitals and health posts. The leading role and resilience of these women is fundamental to the local development process of their territories.

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