Solar energy changes reality of rural families

In the last year, we have expanded our operations in the Rio Grande do Norte contemplating three more municipalities in the state: Slabs, Cerro Corá and São Tomé. The result of our partnership with Edp Renováveis, we carry out deployment and management services for the EDP Renewable Rural Program and the Social Communication Program of The Aventura II to V and Santa Rosa and Mundo Novo Wind Complexes.

The activities of the EDP Renewable Rural Programme included technical and managerial training of families for deployment, operation and management of water security solutions in communities; drilling and/or recovery of deep wells that enable and expand families' access to water and food production; implementation of residential water supply systems; among other technologies of coexistence with the semi-arid.

In the Serra do Lameiro community, municipality of São Tomé/RN, the young farmer and president of the Association of Rural Producers of Serra do Lameiro, Jose Edinaldo, 24, speaks of the joy of the community having received a Solar photovoltaic system off grid for pumping water. "In 2020 we received a visit from Adel, after a conversation, we were excited by the opportunity to receive a technology that would solve one of the main problems of our community, a water scarcity", reports Edinaldo.

Edinaldo da Silva, and his father Raimundo Pedro, near the off-grid photovoltaic solar system for pumping water.

We did a previous study in the community of Edinaldo, with the full participation of residents who indicated as one of the greatest needs of the site access to drinking water. We identified that there was already a well drilled in Serra do Lameiro, built in 2014, but it wasn't used for the lack of a pump that made the water gush. In view of the great potential use of sunlight, in a region where rainfall is rare, the local association together with us, visualized that the solution would be the use of solar panels for pumping the water that was still.

Edinaldo accompanied the entire process of installing the technology, receiving guidance on how to handle the system. Water from the well is used for human consumption, animals and for the cooking of food. "This water is of paramount importance in the community, because we live in a hard-to-reach place, buy water is quite expensive and here we don't have another water point. So this technology has directly benefited all families with water for consumption and breeding of animals", emphasizes the young man who is a reference as local leadership.

The water distribution management is done through a spreadsheet developed by Edinaldo. The document is managed by him and his father, farmer Raimundo Pedro, 64, an initiative to be able to serve all. "The water flow is low, if all decide to fuel on the same day the water runs out and only the other day to solar pump fill up again. The spreadsheet serves to control the distribution in order for everyone to benefit and do not lack water for anyone. Then we take the days of the week to serve each family, on sunny days the well serves up to three families", says. In the community reside 12 families, Are 38 People benefited directly from the technology deployed.

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