Popular voting on projects focusing on the Agenda is open 2030

Today, 01/12, popular vote begins to elect the most innovative project of five (5) Initiatives elaborated by the students of Parazinho/RN, do Young design Entrepreneurs and Rural Actors in the schools. The Project integrates the actions of our Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER) and is held in Rio Grande do Norte, in partnership with the Elera Renewables.

Previously, we conducted the vote on the projects conceived by the young people of São Miguel do Gostoso, municipality also benefited from the Project. The projects developed by local youth prioritize the Agenda 2030 – the Sustainable Development Goals (Ods) and were built during the Laboratory for the Creation of Local Initiatives, held last month in the state of. In this issue, the projects open for popular voting are the young people of the 1st Year Promédio and Technician of the State School Senator Jessé Pinto Freire, In Parazinho.

The initiatives aim to highlight the importance of sustainable actions for local development. Young people have drawn up proposals on reuse of water, afforestation, sport, leisure, garden, human rights and reducing inequalities. The SDDs that are related to project actions are: Ods 1 – Poverty eradication; Ods 2 – Zero hunger and sustainable agriculture; Ods 4 - Quality education; Ods 6 – Drinking water and sanitation and SDCs 10 – Reducing inequalities.

Through the Project, the expectation is to enhance the vocations of these adolescents and young people, to be protagonists in their communities and contribute to local development through entrepreneurship, together with issues such as respect for diversity, human rights, promote an environment of peace and sustainability in the relations with the environment.

You can check more information about the projects and vote on your preferred initiative until 07/12. The winning project will receive a credit in the amount of R$3,500 to implement the idea.

Access and vote: https://forms.gle/SM7ZWt234cGWv5Da7

Changes to Transform the Future Campaign

In the last month, we end the training with the students of the two municipalities, the last topics worked out in the workshops were Culture of Peace and Cooperation, in order to strengthen the debate on human rights; e, Laboratory for the Creation of Local Initiatives, highlighting the social technologies and its importance in the process of sustainability and local development. About 45 high school students, basic and technical.

To Emilia Silva, 18, young man benefited from Parazinho/RN, the Project was a great learning opportunity. "It was gratifying to participate in the workshops, was very productive for me, i'm having an opportunity to learn new things, to meet new people and share knowledge. After the workshops arrived here at school, now I can open my mind to new ideas and I can feel the desire to put into practice everything that has been taught. The workshops brought me a horizon of opportunities", Celebrates.

Also as part of the PJER in Schools, tomorrow, 2/12, will be launched to Changes to Transform the Future Campaign, to collaborate in strengthening the Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The proposal is to bring to the public, information on the Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting its importance and how individual and collective initiatives collaborate to achieve these objectives. The campaign focuses on five SDDS worked on the Young Entrepreneurs and Rural Protagonists Project in Schools, held in partnership with Elera Renováveis in Rio Grande do Norte.

At the end of the campaign, will be held later in the day 16/12, the Seminar Contextualized Education and Sustainable Development Goals, live event on our channel Youtube, whose objective is to present the Agenda 2030 and the SDDS for teachers and students of the public school system in the Northeast.

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