Family agriculture fair of Agroecological Apuiarés

On the day 12 June 2009, began the 1st module of the Project Fair of Agroecological Family Agriculture of Apuiarés. The course is the result of a partnership of the Local Economic Development Agency (ADEL) with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, European Union, SeSeMar Institute, Apuiarés Rural Workers' Union, Federation of Associations of Apuiarés and City Hall.

The project aims to build, Collectively, a Family Farming Fair, within the principles and practices of agroecology, with the farmers and family farmers of the municipality. Initially, 20 people are participating in the course, and after the completion of the modules will act as agroecological fairers.

The project consists of six modules and takes place twice a month, until August 2009, with theoretical and practical classes, exchanging with other experiences in the territory of Curu and Aracatiaçu.

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