Registration open for Basic Photography Online Course at Pentecost

A Adel (Loca Economic Development AgencyL), in partnership with the IFOTO (Institute of Photography), and with the support of State Department of Culture, invites the young people living at Pentecost to participate in the Basic Photography Online Course that will take place in March in order to Free. Registration is open from today, 18, and close day 24 february by the online form: Form Link:

The course proposes to develop the photographic look of young people based on the history of photography, ethical and aesthetic concepts of language, and photography and lighting techniques, with a practical focus on the use of cell phone cameras.

Training comprises 3 modules learning: Basic, Intermediate and Free, each with a duration of 5 Classes online from 3 Hours and complementary activities proposed by teachers. In the process of being considered approved and certified of completion, you must attend at least 75% of the classes of the 3 modules and deliver a practical activity proposed by the teacher in each module.

The class has a total of 20 Vacancies aimed at young people from 16 a 29 years, residents in the municipality of Pentecost. Classes will take place live at the times set, through the Google Meet. To do this,, each student must register using an email “Gmail” that you can access to participate in the meetings.

The meetings take place in the following days:

Module 1: of 8 a 12 March, Of 15:00 To 18:00. (Online)

Module 2: of 15 a 19 March, Of 15:00 To 18:00. (Online)

Module 3: of 22 a 25 March, Of 19:00 To 22:00 (Online)

To sign up, interested parties should access the registration form in the header link and submit the following information and documents: Email (Gmail); full name; Date of birth; genus; race / Color; contact phone; e, acceptance of the terms of registration. They must also send a copy of the following documents: RG and proof of address.

Young people will be selected, according to the order of registration, those who meet the public requirements set for the course. In the event that there is not a sufficient number of registrants within these criteria, will be selected in order of registration the other candidates.

The results will be released on the 26 of February, in the social networks of the institutions. Each young person will then receive instructions to participate in classes by e-mail. Due to the pandemic and other external causes, the organisation of the course is reserved the right to change time limits, class dates and formats.

The institutions involved have no responsibility by ensuring the quality of students' internet access. As such,, is released from the replacement of classes resulting from failures in the connecting devices of the participants.

The institutions involved undertake to ensure that the data obtained from this registration process is, that can be shared, within the limits established by law, with employees and service providers hired by the institutions, for the purposes of offering and operationalizing the course, accountability with the government and analyses.

Students Authorize, at the time of registration, the use of his image and images of his produced works during the course, exclusively for the purpose of disclosing the actions by the institutions involved in the.


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