Registration open for the Food and Nutrition Security Project in Ceará

Last week, we started registration for the Food and Nutrition Security Project, carried out by wind power generator Energimp and executed by us in the Morgado community, in the municipality of Acaraú, about 238 km from the capital of Ceará, Fortress.

The fighting hunger is a global challenge that we need to promote and act locally. This is what the United Nations itself determines (UN) in their Sustainable Development Goals (Ods). The SDS 2 advocates the end of all forms of hunger and malnutrition until 2030, especially the one that affects childhood, highlighting the importance of sustainable agriculture.

This project with the community of Morgado aims to reduce the vulnerability of community families to hunger, through the socio-productive inclusion of 23 local women. With the expansion of production and utilization capacities with nutritional efficiency of food produced from family farming, an increase in the family income of these women is expected.

"Our interest is that all these women have the guaranteed right to a regular and adequate diet, that families are able to produce their own food through agroecology and other life-respecting practices"., strengthens Wagner Gomes, our New Business Director.

Registrations are made in person in Morgado and go until the day 06 of April. The project has the support of Community Association of Morgado Residents and interested women can also register at the association's. Women farmers living in the Morgado community may apply, Acaraú/EC, with family income of up to 2 minimum wages; with willingness to participate in the project workshops, registered in the Single Register; e, associated with the local Association.

Our Socio-Environmental Analyst, Andre Justiniano, held meetings with the leaders of the Community Association to present and clarify doubts about the dynamics of the project in the community, the stages of realization, registration and selection process, as well as the workshops that will be held with the selected families. "We have also held a meeting with families and home visits for mobilization and dissemination of registrations. Women in the community already show high expectations to improve their agricultural activities"., highlights our New Business Manager, Régma Queiroz.

Next steps

In the days 07 e 08 of April a pre-selection will be held, with analysis of the registration form data, in order to verify the attendance or not to the selection criteria. From 11 a 14 of April, we'll make the final selection, when we will return to the community to make technical visits to the residences of pre-selected women in order to analyze the structural conditions, as access to water, physical space and location of the structure to be deployed which may be a vegetable garden or aviary. After this visit, the list of 23 selected women.

We will be implementing with the women contemplated with the Project, 23 food production units on its properties, called Productive Backyards. Then, in addition to teaching workshops on the management and development of this social technology, we will carry out specialized advisory services focused on the production of quality foods for self-consumption and for the commercialization of surpluses, direct mode, in local markets.

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