Young PJER integrates international campaign wwf Brazil

Sabrina Bizunga joined adel's Young Rural Entrepreneur Program, in 2016, and is part of the group of four young people from the campaign, which aims to show the way of how food reaches the table of Brazilians.

At a time when hunger was once again present in the day-to-day life of many Brazilians, show the paths from seed to dish, becomes necessary and urgent.

Maintain ing a healthy relationship with food, that respect nature, where we can get to know all the processes, makes us able to value more the cultivation of food and land management.

Remember that the decisions we make about our food have environmental impacts, social and economic in food production chains, causes us to break the cycle of an era of industrialized and processed food consumption, food production in food insecurity, so that we have access to the healthy and sustainable food, promoting a healthy relationship with foods that respects nature.

From seed to dish

While the consumption of ultra-processed products only increases on our tables, there are thousands of small producers who are generating healthy and affordable food, but remain in anonymity.

This is the case of Sabrina Bizunga and three other young people, who are promoting the debate on healthy and sustainable eating, through the Food Paths campaign, Of WWF-Brazil, which aims to show the appreciation of family farming and how food reaches your table.

Sabrina Bizunga, of São Luís do Curu, not Ceará, is the daughter of farmers, and it's the only, Between 11 brethren, that continued the activity of parents. Sabrina for love of nature decided to take technical training in agriculture. The young woman also sought knowledge in the area of rural entrepreneurship. In 2016, participated in our Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), After forming, Sabrina created her own business. Today she is an creator and directs the project Sertão Flower, sustainable company, where he works with the valorization of the backcountry, ornamentation of rustic jars, restoration and assembly of gardens, in addition to organic food production.

"I'm inheriting the crop and doing it my way, even hitting a lot head-on with my dad. The idea is to show, through the Flower of the Sertão, that people can produce their own food, that is possible", highlights. Sabrina reports that people did not respect the technical advice provided to farmers, for being young and female. This made her want to reinvent herself and seek professional growth, in addition to new fields of study, as a technician in agriculture, surveying and, recently, in the environment.

The campaign

The other participants of the Food Paths Campaign are Gleison Xucuru Milk, indigenous young man from 24 years of the Xukuru People of Ororuba, from Cana Brava Village, which is on indigenous land homologated at the beginning of this century, after decades of struggles and conflicts, in the municipality of Pesqueira, in Pernambuco; Marcelo Borges, of Aparecida do Rio Doce, In Goiás, is the founder of Folhas Que Salvam – with ambassadors in 23 States; e, Amanda Bonadiman, the young carioca walked the rare path that leads young people from the city to live in the countryside. He currently lives with his family in Alegre, in the Holy Spirit, where he is dedicated to working in the field, production and marketing of food.

The Food Paths campaign follows a global survey of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and commissioned by WWF-Brazil, a Brazilian NGO that has 25 years works collectively with civil society partners, academy, governments and businesses across the country to combat socio-environmental degradation and defend people's lives and nature.

The campaign is happening on social networks through the profiles: @wwfbrasil @bizungasabrina, @mandinhasilvaoficial, @gleison_xp, @marceloborgesoficial. Today, day 17/12, at 6 p.m., after an incredible trajectory of much sharing, a campaign closing event will be held, with the participation of all young people and many other special guests. Our Executive Director, Adriano Batista, will also participate. Entries are available at the following link:

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