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Gaining a job and improving your education are two natural challenges of youth. The young man is a strategic actor in the development of a country. But they are still far from being valued. The unemployment rate for Brazilians in 15 a 24 years is 3,5 times higher than that of adults, according to a survey released in May 2010. 2008 by the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA). Data show that Brazil has the highest proportion of unemployed young people in an analysis that includes Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Sweden and united states.

Like this, there's a lot to be done. Public policies that view young people as subjects of rights should provide for actions aimed at education, health, combating violence and professional qualification. The latter, in particular, directly directed to the transition to adulthood and the individual's contribution to the development of the country.

In this sense,, ADEL created, in 2008, the Rotary Solidarity Fund project, with the aim of encouraging young people willing to set up their own, but do not have the financial resources for this. The aim is to support and strengthen initiatives aimed at goat farming, horticulture, beekeeping, Crafts, aquaculture and services that contribute to the generation of employment and income in the Microregion of the Middle Curu of Ceará, as well as social development.

On the day 01 of September, 11 ventures of 38 young people from the municipalities of Apuiarés and Pentecost, were presented to a bank composed of representatives of the public authorities and organised civil society, who have notified that their ideas are ready to be implemented. Currently the Rotary Solidarity Fund supports 17 projects of 50 young people from Middle Curu.

Young people in addition to receiving financial support have a follow-up of the. There is a concern to awaken in young people the appreciation and responsibility for the incentive they receive. "We believe that if we build a culture of responsibility, from the execution of the activities, as well as the financing, we will have a generation of young entrepreneurs with better living conditions", says Wagner Gomes, one of the creators of the Rotary Solidarity Fund.

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