Young people from Bahia participate in short courses on Entrepreneurship and Financial Education

Continuing the project, in partnership with the Lina Galvani Institute (ILG), we hold two short courses with the 25 selected young people in Angico of Days, in the municipality of Campo Alegre de Lourdes, in Bahia. The topics worked on were entrepreneurship e Financial Education.

The formative process follows the pedagogical approach to cooperative learning, stimulating the vision of local youth for the development of actions that benefit the entire community. This learning experience stimulates interaction, communication and the protagonism of young people to contribute to the development of themselves and the territory, with the help of information and communication technologies.

On the first date, concepts of financial education have been worked on, origin of money, its application in capitalist society, economic profile, current financial status and preparation of a savings plan to achieve short-term objectives, medium and long term.

"Talking about financial education is very important, even now when we still don't provide income, because it prepares us to have a good relationship with money", reports Dorinha Oliveira, 19, young woman benefited.

Already at the meeting on Entrepreneurship, young people discussed the importance of undertaking, what are the first steps needed to begin this journey, based on knowledge our book Todxs Can Undertake. Throughout the activities, young people identified potential business opportunities and made quick analyses of opportunities and needs.

As a practical activity, they systematized some business ideas that could be leveraged in the community, proposals for solutions to common problems, As actions to access culture, improvement in the quality of health, garbage collection, ideas that go against solutions to problems that are faced by all.

"Entrepreneurship can be a path of opportunity for us young people here in Angicos, as it has been for young people in Ceará", reinforces Meiry Pereira, 22, young woman benefited.

Continuing education

After the face-to-face meetings, young people follow in the formative path through digital platforms. In remote classes, we work on the complementary contents and activities that were conducted in person. In addition to being a space for devolutions of the activities that are forwarded during the face-to-face workshops, is also an opportunity to recall the concepts and themes previously worked out.

“I believe that the continuity of the formative process is necessary and very important for the expansion of the capacities of young people, but mainly to create a culture of reading and searching for new knowledge. Giving these young people the opportunity to be in a constant process of development, learning, making them realize that education may be perhaps the only way that will lead them to the realization of their dreams”, reinforces Aurigele Alves, our Program Director, who has been twice collaborating with the young people of Angico dos Dias.

Second Aurigele, young people participate in the project with many dreams, but also having difficulty in setting goals, build an action plan and a life project. And points out that this has been worked on in the formative meetings, allowing them all to build a life project based on an action plan, that goes from acquiring goods, Services, the conquest of home ownership, improving the quality of life in the community, access to studies, entrepreneurship, income generation, Jobs, among other.

Next steps

In the days 26 e 27 of October, young people participate in the Short course Basic computer tools and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In this training we will work the basic concepts of information technology and ICTs in a playful and cooperative way. They will be encouraged to discover the best strategies for access to information and communication technologies for the day-to-day, facilitating learning through reading, interaction and web browsing.

The Projeto aims to strengthen youth protagonism and rural entrepreneurship. The Protagonism and Digital Culture course is one of the components of the Project, carried out in partnership with the Lina Galvani Institute (ILG). In addition to training, the project foresees the implementation of a Integrated Access Center for Information and Communication Technology managed by young people themselves and with long-term economic and financial sustainability.

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