Young people from São Gonçalo do Amarante access credit during the pandemic

About two months ago, Six (6) young people from the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, not Ceará, took credit in the Footpaths background, a private credit initiative created and managed by the Adel and that he received financial investments from Edp, administrator of UTE Pecém, through the EDP Institute, to support these young rural entrepreneurs.

The young people of São Gonçalo do Amarante are graduates of the Course of Protagonism and Entrepreneurship of Business and Socio-Environmental Impact, carried out in 2020 by Adel and the EDP Institute through the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER). The PJER promotes the development of business enterprises and socio-environmental impact in rural areas, combining the access of young people benefited to knowledge, credit, collaborative networks and technologies, to enable them to start and improve their initiatives.

During the course, young people have developed their technical and managerial skills and have developed the Business Projects submitted to the Veredas Fund. The access to credit comprises steps such as visits by Adel's technical team to analyze the context where the business proposal is inserted; e, analysis of the project by the management committee of the Veredas Fund, composed of representatives of Adel herself, that assess technical and economic feasibility, grace period and payment plans.

The young people supported in this class of the PJER are old between 18 e 32 years, and live in the communities of Pecém, Siupé, New Year, Stop, Umarituba, Croatá and the head of São Gonçalo do Amarante. Women add up 80% participation. They see in the Program the opportunity to expand their capabilities, exchange experiences and acquire knowledge that contributes to income generation and financial independence.

The expectation is that nineteen (19) young people have the financial support. In this first step, Six (6) jovens já tiveram acesso a R$17.660,25 em crédito. Adel expects to benefit 13 more (13) young people by the end of April.

Benefited Young People

Each young man received, on average, R$3,000.00 for invest in your small business. The beneficiaries are: Sabrina Neves, 31, which owns the Pizzeria Mei Du Matu (@meidumatu), in the Violetcommunity; Karoline Soares Falcão, 24, who performs home care (@karolsoares_fisio), in the Umarituba community; Laryssa Sandy Soares Monteiro, 21, which has Cosmetic Honey and Varieties (@melcosmetica_variedades), at the head of São Gonçalo do Amarante; Deborah Hivana, 24, creator of Use Boutique dos Pés (@useboutiquedospese), in the Siupé community; Gleiciane Goncing, 23, who owns the enterprise Divas Nails Gleicy (@divasunhasgleicy), in the Siupé community; e, Jádya Correia, 23, which owns the Second Skin venture (@use, secondskin), also in the Siupé community.

To Deborah Hivana, undertake came as a necessity. With the economic crisis caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 and the country registering very high unemployment rates, the young woman found herself part of the statistics. "In August 2020 I was unemployed, the desire to have my own business Came, assessing the opportunities that the market had to offer, i created an online store of women's shoes", strengthens. According to Deborah, participating in the PJER showed him a new vision how to run your business, the young woman who started with an Instagram account and sales through WhatsApp, account that with good management saw the followers increase, as well as sales volume, by seeing a little-explored niche market in your community.

Deborah Hivana, Young Rural Entrepreneur, in training.

According to the Adel Project Coordinator, Raquel Ferreira, credit is essential for young people. "After they experience the formation, develop and complete their business projects, they go through various stages of analysis and adjustments to make them viable for implementation and execution. At a time like this of global crisis caused by the pandemic, be close to the young person through advice for the preparation of the project, adjustments and monitoring is essential. With training and access to credit, young entrepreneurs can develop, generate income for them and their families, becoming social actors and positively impacting their communities”.

About The Veredas Fund

Deployed in 2015 Adel pela, the Footpaths background has more than R$ 600,000 reais in volume of operations and offers loans exclusively to young entrepreneurs in the territories where the PJER is deployed.

There are three lines of microcredit: seed, oriented and targeted. The targeted credit line occurs when the investor partner has young people pre-selected, where microcredit is now directed.

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