Young people from São Gonçalo do Amarante participate in the last formative cycle of the PJER

This week took place the last formative cycle of the Protagonism and Entrepreneurship course on Business and Socio-Environmental Impact, which is part of the actions of our Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), carried out with young people from São Gonçalo do Amarante (THIS).

Between the days 3 e 5 may, we hold workshops on Financial Planning, Marketing Digital, Social Media, Leadership and Oratory. At this stage of training, the class is presented to the Veredas Fund, our microcredit strategy focused exclusively on young rural entrepreneurs.

This week's program focused on finalizing the programcontent of the Course and preparing young people to present their Business Projects for the evaluation board, that should happen later that month. The purpose of banking is to support ideas and point out improvements to projects.

Rebeca Teixeira, 28, who resides in Taíba and has an online store called Body Store Supplements, states that the Course was a great opportunity for your business. "I've had an online supplement store for almost a year. this course helped me a lot to expand my knowledge in relation to entrepreneurship, it's a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs like me, who seek to live off their business. I'm very grateful for everything I've learned so far.", strengthens.

Tiago Cerqueira, Adel Project Analyst, ministering leadership workshop.

This pjer class also provides for the stimulus for the creation and development of Local Productive Arrangements (APLs) young people from rural communities, in order to insert its enterprises and activities into value chains in the region. This class stands out for being composed mostly of women who seek to better structure their enterprises, generate more income and sustainability for their families.

"It was a great satisfaction to participate in the training cycles with the young entrepreneurs of São Gonçalo do Amarante. During the workshops, we realize the interest and enthusiasm of the class in this final stage of elaboration of their projects. I believe that the Course was a very significant opportunity for local youth", says Tiago Cerqueira, our Project Analyst.

This class has the support of the CMDCA (Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents) of São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE.

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