PJER youth participate in the Motirô Incubation for Social Impact Business


Three young entrepreneurs who are members of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER) by Adel: Sabrina Santos, 26, Vila Bezerra community, St. Louis of Curu/EC; Jessica Range, 27, Community Nucleus A Serrota, Pentecost/EC; e, Rayssa Duarte, 30, Boca da Picada community, São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE, were selected to participate in the Mutirô Incubation scheduled to close this week.

A Motirô Incubation for Social Impact Business began in June of this year and allowed participants access to knowledge and tools to structure your social impact business. Total, 20 young entrepreneurs from urban and rural peripheries of the Northeast region were selected.

Beyond the learning trail, composed of a training of 06 modules to deepen knowledge, clarify doubts and build tools to structure the business, the selected ones become part of a community that supports and brings potential investors closer to.

Incubation is an initiative of Motirô, do Impacts Northeast and the Verda, in partnership with the ANIP and the AfroImpact. It has the support of Adel, along with the Sabin Institute and dozens of people.

Sertão Flower

The venture of young Sabrina Santos, named Flor do Sertão, since the beginning of the Motirô Incubation undergoes a remodeling. Além da floricultura que produz jarros rústicos de cactos e suculentas ornamentais, Sabrina went on to develop a social project that aims to offer social and environmental workshops with the aim of arousing the interest of rural youth from São Luís do Curu to remain in their communities. She has hope and believes in a developed semi-arid, where young people can remain productive in the territories that were born and raised.

"When I participated in the formation of the PJER, i learned to have a vision of how to undertake and see opportunities, now through the Motirô Incubation I'm adding ideas with other businesses, relearning to undertake, to get out of the comfort zone and visualize even further. The experience is rewarding, even more so when you have cooperation in the classes, the shares of several other entrepreneurs are too. We at Flor do Sertão are working in a new niche, which brings new challenges and this connection is crucial in the experiences we are building", reinforces Sabrina.

ADDS – Agroecological Advice

The venture of the young Jessica Gama focuses on sustainable agriculture and her dream of staying in rural areas with quality of life and income. The Agronomist, in addition to assisting uncle, Mr. Francis Gama, 50, in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits on the family property, works by providing technical assistance services in sustainable agriculture (consulting and advice) for farmers and businesses.

Jessica is creating AGREGA – Agroecological advice focused on the female public working with agroecological productions in Family Agriculture. I'm very excited about this new professional phase. In addition to a specialization in Sustainable Agricultural Systems at the Seminar, I'm developing an advisory project, AGREGA – Agroecological Advice, a new private project that is now coming out of the paper through my participation in the Motirô Incubation", celebrates Jessica.

Caroá Cooperative

For the young Rayssa Duarte, member of the Caroá Cooperative, responsible for the area of communication, assembly and manufacture of delivery baskets of Cooperativa Caroá, a participation in the Motirô Incubation, will help in the remodeling of the physical fair of the post-pandemic Cooperative.

On behest Covid-19, the young people of The Caroá Cooperative started the Caroá Fair at Home, a solidary and safer strategy to serve customers who attended the Caroá Face-to-Face Fair in Praça das Flores in Fortaleza. "It is very enriching to know several other northeastern enterprises, mostly led by black women, supporting urban social movements in the periphery and in return we young farmers in the countryside with other social challenges, but that meet because we live the same provocations: undertake in a situation of constant resilience. I was very grateful to be selected and think of ways to leverage my venture with social impact".

Rayssa leads together with twenty young people from ceará the activities of the Caroá Cooperative, whose main marketing channel today, are delivery deliveries, the Caroá Fair at Home. In addition to promoting female protagonism and strengthening family farming, the strategy generates income and allows the consumer access to a safe food with a fair price.

Sabrina, Jessica and Raysa Are social protagonists of the territory that impact other young people, through their actions, spreading the colors of the backiny world out. On the last day of the learning trail, they shared their updated projects. They are leaving this journey with more knowledge about the business management process, with many contacts and good friendships.

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