LGBTQIA+ Youth Complete Entrepreneurship Course

A Adel (Local Economic Development Agency) held last Tuesday, day 10, the closing event of the formative stage do Project "Diversity and Rural Development: LGBTQ+ Youth Protagonists in the Semiarid of Ceará", supported by the Itaú e More Diversity. The event marks the completion of the Entrepreneurship course and Social Protagonism, including the delivery of certificates to the young beneficiaries.

Near 20 young people from the municipalities of Apuiarés, Paracuru, Pentecost, São Luís do Curu and Tejuçuoca have completed the formative stage and will be able to access the other components of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER), Consisting of the alliance between four (4) Axes: access to knowledge, oriented credit, strengthening organizational support and access to information and communication technologies.

Young people benefited by adel project and collaborators

Following health and safety protocols, the event took place in two locations, at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) apuiarés/CE and at the Buffet H Parties and Events, in São Luís do Curu/CE. Both occasions had the participation of the Adel team, beneficiaries and local leaders.

To Rafaella Alves, LGBTQIA+ youth and representative of the Secretariat of Labor and Social Development of Apuiarés, projects like this are of utmost importance to help the LGBTQIA+ population of the Semi-arid. "To see partnerships like this one from Itaú, More Diversity and Adel, drives us to believe in better days, because it promote opportunities for this population, stigmatized and marginalized, fills me with pride and hope for a better future for you. What an honor to have followed closely the development of these young entrepreneurs in my city and region", Celebrates.

Rafaella Alves, LGBTQIA+ youth and representative of the Secretariat of Labor and Social Development of Apuiarés

This is the second edition of the Project, that integrates the actions of the Young Rural Entrepreneur Program (PJER), by Adel. The initiative sought LGBTQIA+ youth with a history of participation and engagement in social movements, community activities and/or socio-environmental impact projects.

In addition to Itaú's financial support and More Diversity, this class has as articulating partners the Secretariat of Labor and Social Development of Apuiarés/CE and the Community Association Educational and Agricultural Culture Curu Valley in São Luís do Curu/CE.

Formative Stage

In June, following all health and safety recommendations in the face of the pandemic context, Adel started the training of selected young people, alternating moments face-to-face and distance. Theyoung people were distributed in two classes, one at the apuiarés/EC and the other at the são Luís do Curu/CE.

Participants received guidance throughout the process, facilitating activities that should be carried out individually and at home. Face-to-face meetings were held in airy places, with structures that ensured the distance necessary to maintain the safety of all persons involved in the. The complementary activities were made available through virtual meetings, online tutorials, calls and video calls.

Young people benefited by the project

At this stage, young people learned about Local Development; entrepreneurship; Communication and Marketing; Financial Education, among other themes essential to the promotion of entrepreneurship, whether business or social and environmental measures. They also received, the support needed to develop their Business Projects, that were presented at the end of the course.

Another activity of the formative stage performed was the online focal encounters. In these meetings other young people of the PJER who are undertaking and reinventing themselves in the territory shared their experiences. Were (4) meetings that addressed topics such as Resilience, entrepreneurship and the importance of communication for enterprises.

To Alan Mendes, 18, benefited by the project, the feeling is of pure gratitude. "Gratitude Adel, More Diversity, Itaú and all that make up this project, for the unique and inclusive opportunity which was the PJER Diversity. Especially grateful to our tutors who have given their utmost to know our world, our singularities, our dreams. As challenging as the role of teaching was, they have always been patient in the face of our difficulties. Being LGBTQIA+ is, in fact, a constant struggle against prejudice, but we remain firm with the support of initiatives like this", strengthens.

Alan Mendes, young people benefited from the project and Aurigele Alves, Program Director of Adel

About the project

The Project "Diversity and Rural Development: LGBTQ+ Youth Protagonists in the Semiarid of Ceará" aims to train and advise young people to create and start the development of their business projects and/or social impact in their communities.

The main objective is to promote socio-productive inclusion of LGBTQIA+ youth from the expansion of their capabilities, the use of its Resilience, of their potentialities and vocations. These young people are, Also, oriented and assisted to integrate territorial networks and to initiate a process of training as local leaders and protagonists. In addition to being agents of structural transformations in the culture of entrepreneurship and diversity in the.

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