Live on Diversity closes EaD course with LGBTQIAP+ youth

Vanessa Were, young beneficiary

Next Monday, 20/12, at 3:00 pm, let's finish one more formative step of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program (PJER) with a focus on promoting diversity with Live LGBTQIAP+ Diversity and Opportunities. The broadcast will take place on our Youtube channel (

About twenty-five (25) young people have completed the course Introduction to LGBTQIAP+ Local Protagonism and Entrepreneurship, carried out entirely remotely, via our distance education platform. The course adds up to a workload of 40 credit/hours.

Participate in Live Labelle Rainbow, Special Coordinator of Sexual Diversity of SDHDs of the City of Fortaleza; e, Danielle Viana, Social Responsibility and Relationship Analyst with Senior Communities at EDP Group; with the mediation of our Program Director Aurigele Alves.

Since 2018, we act directly to promote socio-productive inclusion of LGBTQIAP+ youth, we recognize that their challenges go beyond the scope of work and income. It is necessary to train a generation of LGBTQIAP+ young people who are community leaders, capable of building an ethics of diversity, social inclusion, cultural and economic.

For youth, the course was an opportunity to learn about your rights. "Despite so many advances and achievements in Brazil, we still live in a context of much discrimination and prejudice. Much information and rights are unknown within even the LBGTQIAP+ population. I myself learned of some rights during the course. We need to win more public policies that will favor us more possibilities", reinforces Vanessa Were, young beneficiary.

The course

In the course Introduction to LGBTQIAP+ Local Protagonism and Entrepreneurship we worked three (3) modules: (1) My world whose themes addressed gender identity, sexual and affective orientation, safety nets and the right to health, LGBTQIAP+ protagonism, life and self-development project; (2) The world in society who discussed citizenship and human rights, culture and public policies, promoting equality and respect for diversity; (3) The world out there, deepened knowledge about right to work and income, reasons to undertake and the first steps to develop a project of impact.

The meetings were held by Aurigele Alves, our Program Director; Brunna Bastos, our Senior Development Advisor; Sabrina Araujo, our Communication Advisor; Raquel Ferreira, our Program Coordinator; Deinair Oliveira, PhD student in Sociology at the Graduate Program in Sociology of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Ufrgs) and Ana Clara Souza, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Business School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Pucrs). At the end of each module, participants filled out the activity book, faziam a leitura complementar das apostilas e interagiam no fórum de discussão.

The initiative is supported by the Edp, administrator of UTE Pecém. The socioproductive inclusion of these young people is a critical point today in rural areas and entrepreneurship is an alternative for them to have autonomy and to play protagonist roles in their own stories and their communities.

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