Bird Photography Workshop in potiguar basin

Young people from 18 a 29 years residing in the municipalities of Guamaré, Galinhos and Diogo Lopes, in Rio Grande do Norte will be prioritized.

Between May and June 2022, we're going to perform along with the SAVE Brazil a Bird Photography Workshop with young people from the Potiguar Basin. The participants will be from the municipalities of Guamaré, Galinhos and Diogo Lopes, areas of direct influence of the Flyways Brazil project carried out by SAVE Brazil in partnership with the Neoenergia Institute. The workshops will be taught by the professionals of our communication team and integrate community engagement actions in the region.

The Bird Photography Workshop seeks promote the qualification of participants to the basicconcepts of photography, from the exploitation of the resources available in smartphone devices. Training is free of charge, With total workload of 12 Hours, happening in hybrid format, being 8h in person and 4 hours online, entitled to a certificate.

Programmatic content includes the following themes: introduction to photography, evolution of cameras, exploring the features of the mobile, photographic composition, framework and basic rules, the importance of bird photography and environmental photography. After the theoretical moment, practical photography and exit activities take place for bird watching.

Will be offered 30 vacancies for each workshop and registrations will be open through the links available in the Instagram bio of the Limícolas Program (@aveslimicolas). Registration for a first workshop, that happens in Guamaré, next Saturday, 14, from 9am, follow open, at the following link:

The workshop in Guamaré will be at the Convention Center of the city with the support of the Municipality of Guamaré through the Secretariat of Environment.

About SAVE Brasil and the Flyways Brazil Project

There are 17 years SAVE Brasil develops and implements strategies for the conservation of Brazilian birds in nature. Activities are always carried out in network, together with local and national organisations, government agencies, Researchers, communities and people. In this way, SAVE Brasil operates throughout Brazil with more than ten biodiversity conservation focusing on endangered bird species.

In Rio Grande do Norte, the organization carries out since 2015, the Flyways Brazil Project in partnership with the Neoenergy Institute. The initiative seeks to ensure locally the conservation of birds and their habitats, contributing to the conservation of species at hemispheric level. Flyways Brasil's actions take place in the municipalities of Guamaré, Galinhos and Diogo Lopes.

In the last years, together with the SAVE Brasil team, we have developed a Flyways Strategic Communication Plan and we carry out advisory and consulting specialized in management and communication for the team that operates in the project. We also provide Digital Communication workshops and produce content on the actions taken to bring together and inform the local population about the existence of migratory birds in the region and the importance of collaborating with the conservation of species, Especially, those that are threatened with extinction.

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