Milk producers participate in short courses in Limoeiro do Norte

Realize, in the days 17 e 18 of February, the mini course Production of Bulky, Pasture Management and Strategic Food Reserve, an action of the Project Structuring of the Milk Production Chain, the result of our partnership with Bank of the northeast of Brazil (BNB). We also count on the collaboration of ifce (Federal Institute of Education, Science and technology of Ceará) and UFC (Federal University of Ceará), through the Forage Teaching and Studies Center (Neef) of the Center for Agrarian Sciences (CCA).

The formation was divided into moments theoretical and practical, taught by the UFC PhD Professors, Magnus José Cândido and Aníbal Coutinho. About thirty producers participated in the short courses that took place during two days. In the first, the theoretical contents were worked in the auditorium of the IFCE Campus Limoeiro do Norte, on the second day, practical activities took place in the Teaching Unit, Research and Extension (U.S.), in the same municipality.

"For us it is a satisfaction is contributing to this Project, have this contact with the producer and be able to bring him some of the knowledge that we generate at the University and also get from them some demands to feed our day-to-day work. It's a very enriching experience for us too.", emphasizes Magnus José Candide, Professor Doctor of the Department of Animal Science of the UFC.

To Francisco Wellington Gomes, 29, milk producer benefited by the Project in the municipality of Alto Santo, the search for new knowledge will bring good results. "I learned a lot about food management and new crops. I thank you for this opportunity that many do not have, because before we were unable to access this information. Now I believe that we will improve our management, because we saw in theory and practice where we were sinanding and so change", states the also farmer.

In this new phase, producers participate in short courses on topics crucial to the development of this production chain. There have been more than 30 formative meetings, following all the health and safety protocols for the prevention of Covid-19. This week, in the days 24 e 25 of February, the Sobral region will benefit from the.

The event will be the participation of Professors Doctors Magno José Cândido and Aníbal Coutinho do Rêgo, and the member of the postdoctoral program of the Federal University of Ceará, Francisco Gleyson of Silveira Alves.

About the project

The Project consists of a series of Training, technical advice, management and dissemination of social technologies and solutions, Environmental, technically and economically viable to promote the structuring of the milk production chain in the rural territories of Sobral and Baixo and Médio Jaguaribe. The initiative, that started in 2019, continues with training this year. It enables increased productivity and profitability in the activity of dairy cattle. It has three components: 1) pedagogical activities; 2) advice for the organization of small producers in Local Productive Arrangements (APLs), applying principles and techniques of cooperation and collaboration for efficient and quality production; e 3) installation of Reference Units (YOUR), to serve as a basis for continued learning.

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