Adel project is selected in a notice of the Solea Institute

Our project "Young Rural Protagonists: Contextualized education for sustainable development" was one of the 10 initiatives selected in the Project Selection Notice do Solea Institute this year.

The Project will work with school managers, teachers and students from two rural schools in the municipalities of Pentecoste and São Gonçalo do Amarante, not Ceará. Content related to education for the sustainable development will be worked on, through the introduction of cross-cutting themes from a perspective of contextualized education to bring the school closer to the reality of the rural communities where their students live.

The project's activities are planned to start in August this year and we hope to benefit directly 100 students and 20 teachers. Indirectly, we hope to positively impact 600 People, mostly families living in rural communities, practitioners of the family farming.

Students participating in the project, will have access to concepts, knowledge and practices that allow them to develop awareness and sensitivity on sustainable development, human rights, culture of peace, cooperation, entrepreneurship and protagonism. A school plays an extremely relevant and timely role in the protection of adolescents and their integral training, as citizens and also as potential protagonists in social transformations in the region.

The vulnerability of adolescents in Ceará has grown considerably. We search through this project, contribute to reducing school dropout and collaborating with construction of life projects by youth, in their communities, according to their realities.

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