Promoting entrepreneurship and youth protagonism in the Northeast

This year, in partnership with the Neoenergy, let's start the Entrepreneurship course and Social Protagonism, with sixty (60) young people from the municipalities of São José do Sabugi and Santa Luzia in the state of Paraíba; e, of the municipalities of Lagoa Nova and Bodó, in Rio Grande do Norte.

The Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism Course is one of the actions of the SER Program Education (health, Education and Income), executed by us in partnership with the Neoenergy Institute, around two Neoenergia Wind Farms. The SER Programme aims to contribute to the improving quality of life in neoenergy's influence communities, generating social impacts, Economic, environmental and educational positive, highlighting results and impacts on three strategic axes: health, Education and Income.

The EDUCATION axis of the SER Program seeks to expand the technical and managerial capacities of young people, so that they can undertake, social protagonists and agents of transformation in their communities, either individually, With their families, with other young people or even acting as managers in existing ventures.

Course Participants

They can participate in the Entrepreneurship and Social Protagonism Course, young people aged 18 e 32 years, who wish to undertake and contribute to local development of their communities and municipalities. With residence in one of the communities of operation of the SER Program: Candinha, Redinha de Cima, Redinha de Baixo, located in the municipality of São José do Sabugi/PB; in the Saco dos Goitis communities, Umbuzeiro Doce and Serra do Talhado, in the municipality of Santa Luzia/PB; in the municipality of Lagoa Nova/RN, Santa Rita communities, Sing sings, Massangana, Baixa Verde and in the municipality of Bodó/RN, Jatuarana communities, Paradise and Good Garden, or lives in neighboring communities.

The course and registrations are Free and classes will be held in person. Registration is open until the day 31/03.

Link to the registration form for young people from Paraíba: HTTPS://

Link to the registration form for young people from Rio Grande do Norte: HTTPS://

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