Qair Brasil and Adel launch podcast on Environmental Education in Caatinga, in partnership with EcoNordeste

Today, 28, we celebrate the National Caatinga Day, taking advantage of this date so significant for us that we act directly in this biome, let's launch the Caatinga Seeds Podcast, that we produce in partnership with Qair Brazil and the Eco Nordeste Content Agency. The release includes a live at 18h, on our channel of the Youtube. We will count on the participation of the journalist Maristela Chua, creator of Eco Nordeste and who was working closely in the production of the Podcast.

Sementes da Caatinga is aimed at teachers and traditional communities and family farmers of the Brazilian semi-arid. Composed of 14 episodes in five series, talks about the importance of Environmental Education in Caatinga, Agroecology, sustainable local development, food and nutrition security, e, the various socio-environmental technologies that can contribute to a harmonious coexistence with the Semi-arid. Divulgaremos uma série por semana, every Thursday.

The series 1 podcast, entitled Environmental Education in caatinga, is now available in major podcast aggregators. Those interested in the themes can listen to the Seeds of the Caatinga in their favorite player, how streaming platforms: Spotify, Deezer e Google Podcast.

Caatinga Seeds

The podcast Caatinga Seeds is an initiative of the Environmental Education Program (Pea) from Qair Brasil, independent renewable energy producer, which aims at capacity building by managers, Technical, Educators, students, leaders and representatives of civil society institutions in environmental education in the perspective of coexistence with the Brazilian Semi-Arid.

Qair's Environmental Education Program proposes Environmental Education actions with families in the area of influence of the Afonso Bezerra Wind Complex, in the municipalities of Afonso Bezerra and Macau, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, to increase knowledge and conservation of the local natural balance, with the maintenance of its social and environmental benefits.

For those who live in the Semi-arid, preserving the Caatinga is a matter of survival, to learn about traditional knowledge and practices that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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