Environment Week in the Potiguar Basin

Tomorrow, 4, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, we're going to perform in the Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) Tip shark, Conservation Unit (UC) sustainable use, located in the Diogo Lopes community, Macau/RN, along with the Society for the Conservation of Birds of Brazil (SAVE Brazil) and the Neoenergy Institute another edition of our workshop Bird Photography.

The workshop is part of the Environment Week in the region promoted by SAVE Brazil and local organizations. The Workshop Photography of Birds is aimed at young people and seeks to awaken in them other looks to the territory. The training addresses basic concepts of photography, from the exploitation of the resources available in smartphones and professional cameras. It also includes field activities for photographing and observing the birds of the Potiguar Basin.

In addition to this workshop, are going on lectures on the migratory migratory migratory birds and their respective habitats. The talks began today, 3, in the morning, during the Waterpoultry Circuit held by SAVE with the children of Diogo Lopes. This activity involves moments of interaction, fixing content, atividades lúdicas e a construção de um painel interativo das aves da região.

In the days 6 e 7 June, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, the Bird Circuit will be held in Guamaré and Galinhos, respectively. These activities are part of the Project Flyways Brazil desenvolvido pela SAVE e propõe a conservação das aves limícolas (birds that feed on invertebrates hidden in mud) migratory areas and areas considered important for these species along the Potiguar Basin, especially beaches, coastal lagoons and estuaries with mangroves.

According to the data collected in the monitoring carried out by the in the last six years, a Potiguar Basin is an important location for migratory migratory birds maintain their life cycle. Every year, hundreds of birds migram longas distâncias até chegarem à região em busca de repouso e alimento, so they can follow their journey. The monitoring revealed that between November and December 2010, 2020, around a few years of 3 thousand birds, considered significant when compared to other regions of the country that are also part of the migratory routes of these birds.

However, researchers draw attention to the population decline that birds have been suffering over the past few years around the world. The main causes are disturbances that hinder their rest and environmental degradation of the habitats used by them. Of the twenty species that occur in the Potiguar Basin, four are in the Official National List of Endangered Fauna Species, according to the Ministry of the Environment (MMA): the blowtorch, the white-backed torch, the red-chattorch and the batura-bicuda. The situation has sparked the alert to the need for actions that teach local communities about the role birds play in the ecological balance of the areas where they live.

According to Juliana Bosi, SAVE Brazil Project Manager, the goal is to show the whole community the beauty of these birds, teach about your story, their life cycle and their adaptations to overcome the challenges brought by these long journeys. "We believe that with this knowledge, we can see people being proud to share with birds such an important and beautiful region, the responsibility for taking care of the environment they need and the willingness to find solutions so that local activities are compatible with the conservation of wild birds", highlights.

The activities of the Environment Week in the Potiguar Basin are supported by the Institute of Sustainable Development and Environment of Rio Grande do Norte (IDEMA), Of RDS Tip Shark and the City Halls of Galinhos e Guamaré through the Environment Secretariats.

Environment Week Schedule

RDS Ponta do Tubarão in Diogo Lopes

Circuit of The Waterbirds

03/06, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm / 14h to 17h

Bird photography workshop with mobile phone

04/06, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Local: AMAGOA Ranch

Registration form:



Circuit of The Waterbirds

06/06, 08:00 am to 12:00 pm

Local: Vicente Brito Miranda Convention Center


Circuit of The Waterbirds

07/06, 08:00 am to 12:00 pm

Local: Municipal School Prof. French

SAVE Brasil and Adel

More than a year ago, we have started our actions of Media with SAVE Brasil, through the Project Flyways Brazil. The initiative is a partnership with the Neoenergia Institute. The project is part of save Brasil's Poultry Program. The main objectives of the project are monitor species of wild birds in the Potiguar Basin, engage local communities in the conservation of wild birds and promote the conservation of important habitats for wild birds focusing on valuing these.

The Project Flyways Brazil holds workshops in the Potiguar Basin with educators and students of the basic education network, in order to inform the local population of the importance of contributing to the conservation of birds and their habitats. It also develops environmental activities contextualized with different local audiences, which includes hotel developments, Salinas, municipal environmental bodies, in addition to community organisations.

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