Stone tanks supply communities in the pernambuco sertão

Macieli da Silva, 30, farmers benefited in the Exu community, in Caetés/PE

Through actions focused on Echosocial Wind Program Water Safety Winds That Transform, Of Echoenergy (Equatorial Energy Group), we've implemented 5 tanks on stone slabs in the Quitonga communities, Laguinha, New Year, Exu and Red, in the municipality of Caetés/PE. In all, 120 families benefit from. Each tank installed can store up to 30 thousand liters of rainwater.

Catafalque social technology uses the natural rocks, typical of the semiarid region, to turn them into large reservoirs of water. The materials used in the construction of the tank vary according to the specificities of each slab, that happens to be walled and the whole land is removed, leaving the stone ready to receive rainwater.

With the containment of water on the surface of these slabs, during the rainy season, which usually occurs between the months of March to July, families will be able to use the water resource for up to 8 months, fundamental for the dry periods of the Brazilian Northeast. Water will supply families and animals in rural communities in solidarity and collectively.

Local farmers and farmers celebrate the conquest of. For Adeildo de Melo, 55, resident of Quitonga, the stone tank will have a significant impact on the community. “Now we have the opportunity to accumulate this rainwater and enjoy it in our daily life, help a lot in the organization of local farmers and for our creations, water is life“, Celebrates.

Tiago Martins, 29, farmer benefited in the Red community, Caetés/PE

The stone tank contributes concretely to reducing the vulnerability of rural families. When these people do not have adequate ways for the storage of water, are obliged to move through long journeys, in order to obtain the resource to carry out their basic activities.

About the Program

Through the Echosocial Wind squee-in program, we have already carried out several actions focused on Water Safety, such as, the construction of more than 100 plate cisterns in the region of the municipalities of Pernambuco Caetés and Capoeiras, last year. The actions are part of the Social Project of Echoenergy, financed through bndes undercredit.

The municipalities served are characterized by the semi-arid climate. In rural communities, thousands of families live with the water scarcity, osame by several factors, such as the unpredictability of rainfall and the absence of capture and storage technologies. Like this, it is crucial to expansion of basic water infrastructure in these communities, including the organisation of such persons so that they can manage such equipment with technical feasibility, economically and sustainably.

The use of low-cost social technologies is strategic for coexistence with the semi-arid and to cause changes in the scenario of water scarcity for human consumption and food production. Social water security technologies are alternatives that help transform the reality of the semi-arid, contributing to a better quality of life of the population.

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